How Do You Know if the Car Your Buying is Flood-Damaged

Hurricane Sandy brought sorrow on East Coast Communities and people last week and those who lived else where were lucky to escape being effected directly by it. But, damaged cars from this superstorm could easily make there ways into other areas.

Listed below are some tips about how to know if a car you’re thinking of buying has flood damage:

  • Mineral deposits or discoloration on the seats, seat belts of door panels
  • Droplets of moisture on the insides of the instrument cluster
  • Warped or misshapen door panels
  • An owner’s manual that looks like it fell into the bathtub
  • Find mud, sticks, or other debris in the trunk or engine compartment
  • Heavy aroma of cleaners or Lysol (they are trying to cover up a festering mold or odor problem)
  • Avoid buying a used car from the flooded areas