“High-Speed” Collision Avoidance System in The Works

Toyota has developed a new Pre-collision system (PCS) with collision avoidance assist that is designed to help avoid accidents. This new technology is even effective at helping mitigate high-speed collisions by using a millimeter-wave radar to help detect the risk of a rear-end collision.

When a risk like this is detected, the system warns the driver with a sound and display alerts to apply the brakes. When the driver hits the brake, the system will increase the braking force greatly up to twice the average force applied by drivers. This extra force can be applied up to speeds of 37 mph.

On the other hand, if the driver does not apply the brakes in time, automatic deceleration is possible between the speeds of 9 to 18 mph. Toyota’s new system has already achieved the highest level of rear-end-collision reducing effects in the industry. This was developed to be used in a wide variety of models and will be rolled out in future models.