Get Ready North America, Fiat is here!

I’m personally undecided about how well Fiat may or may not do coming back to the US. I look at the Fiat 500 and think for me at 6’2, it would appear a little small. On the other hand I’m really interested in the performance of the car. The car only packs 100hp but the car itself weighs half the of a mid 90’s honda civic which had only a few pony’s more.

Lets face it, the US needs efficient small cars. It needs to be OK for people to drive them instead of massive SUV’s. The status level of these compacts needs to get away from embarrassing and get more towards acceptable. I think so far Fiat is on the right track in changing the compact car image. They’ve launched a really well done music video called “Get Ready” to promote the car. Check it out below!