Ford Fusion Sales Growing But Can’t Compete with the Camry

 American automakers stressed that the new 2013 Ford Fusion would focus on quality first and sales second, but Ford’s not fooling anyone. Everyone knows that Ford has its sights set on surpassing the elusive Toyota Camry for the top sales position. Ford sold 248,000 Fusions last year and as this year through August, the American automaker has moved 181,000 cars, showing they have a 7.7% growth rate. Too bad for Ford that this can not even begin to compare to the Toyota Camry’s sales of 280,000 this year so far, which makes their growth rate to be a hefty 37%. Not only is the Ford Fusion trailing way behind the Camry, but they are also behind the Honda Accord (219,000 sold) and Nissan Alitima (210,000).

The Ford Fusion clearly reaches out to a large demographic including eco-conscious drivers with its 47-mpg hybrid model by having five different engine options to offer their consumers.  Even though Ford is behind in the midsize vehicle market, Sam Hoyt, Fusion brand manager expects a large growth in Fusion sales next year. “We’ve got to get more customers in places on the east and west coasts in order to grow,” said Hoyt of the traditional import-centric regions. Ford still had a long road ahead of itself to triumph over the Camry’s reign, but the Fusion may be the best model for America to compete with.

Image courtesy of mariordo59