Electric DeLorean is the latest buzz

Earlier this month, DMC revealed a new DeLorean. Well sort of. It’s really the same old DeLorean design made famous by the movie Back to the Future but now with a slight twist. The beloved DeLorean is now fully electric. DMC has teamed up with Epic EV to produce a fully electric DeLorean by 2013.

DMC has been restoring and producing updated made-to-order DeLorean’s since 1995 and currently sits on the largest inventory of New-Old stock DeLorean parts. This new rendition of the DeLorean features 260hp and 360lb/ft with a max RPM of 14k. A respectable 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 125mph make this fully electric stainless beast a decent performer in comparison to the original.


The DeLorean’s range will be 100+ miles of city driving on a single charge with an estimated 3.5 hour charge time. This makes the DeLorean a really cool every day car if you work within 50 miles of your home. While no pricing has been released just yet we can expect it to be reasonable for the amount of heads you’ll turn driving what most of us see as a time machine. The site of this re invented iconic car really makes me wonder what other cars we’ll see with electric motors. Will there ever be electric old beetles in production or will we see more and more electric conversions for classic cars in the near future? Only time will tell but for now I can’t wait to see them strap a flux capacitor to one of these bad boys to see what it can really do!

Image thanks to mallix