Domino’s Ultimate Deliver Vehicle has Been Revealed

This passed August, Domino’s Pizza announced its partnership with Local Motors for its Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge, asking people all over the world to come up with designing a one-of-a-kind delivery vehicle.

The first part of this competition has been completed as Anej Kostrevc from Slovenia came up with the Domino’s Pack, winning first place in the competition. Over the six weeks in which the competition was held, more than 1,500 concept files were submitted for over 200 project ideas. In the end, 127 concepts met all conditions of the competition before Local Motors and Domino’s chose the top ten Finalists. To see images of the Domino’s concept delivery car visit the gallery below.

“This competition was really exciting for us,” said Jay Rogers, Local Motors CEO and co-founder. “It was certainly one of the most challenging we’ve held to date, and our community really rose to the challenge, responding with some incredibly innovative entries. If the quality and passion reflected in these concept designs is any indication, the subsequent phases of this challenge will lead us to a truly exception delivery vehicle design that Domino’s customers and franchisees will be excited about.”

The next phase of the competition, which will run from October 30th to November 12th, will be the packaging competition. Following that will be the Interior competition from November 27th to December 11th. The contest will then take a break until 2013, and then from January 8th until the 22nd, the Surfacing competition will take place.  Finally the Rendering competition will end the competition kicking off February 5th until the 19th.