Doctor Flies Her Car into Traffic While Drunk and High

The driver of the SUV in the following video was 56 year old emergency room doctor Kristin Howard, who was named ‘Doctor of the Year” at Newtown Wellesley Hospital in 2009. According to the police report obtained by the Boston Channel, Howard was drunk and on drugs when she tried to drive out of the Whole Foods Market on Washington Street on Tuesday morning.

It started withe the highly intoxicated doctor first hitting a van, then putting her vehicle in reverse, then hitting a fence a couple more times before she went full speed ahead across the parking lot, hitting a post that sent the SUV into the air and onto a Mercury Marquis, which then crashed into a dump truck. 78 year old Paul McDonald of Wellesley, driver of the Mercury, suffered two broken rib bones from the impact.

The doctor’s lawyer told reporters that she was “struggling to deal with a sick mother.” The 56-year old woman was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, but was released on “personal recognizance”. Pending an investigation of the incident, Dr. Howard is suspended from her hospital duties.