Diesel Hybrid Super Car by Audi?

For the second time, Audi will once again try to make a diesel-powered super car. The farthest Audi has gotten to making this dream become a reality was the magnificent R8 V12 TDI Concept, but it never made it into production. The difference between now and then is that this time they seem to be serious, and they are thinking about a diesel-electric hybrid system.

In their possession already, Audi has a formidable diesel electric powertrain in its possession, which is a system that won the R18 e-Ton quattro a Le Mans victory. This hybrid system will allow Audi to replace the heavy and illogical V12 TDI engine that killed the previous project with a compact and more efficient V8, and still get the power and performance they desire. In addition this car will use a carbon monocoque chassis, and it will probably be called R10.

Image courtesy of Auto Clasico