Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake Debuted by Volvo at Geneva Motor Show

Volvo, in its continued effort to eradicate accidents, has releases a new technology that will recognize cyclists on the road and autonomously apply the brakes if a collision is deemed imminent.

Named “Cyclist Detection with full auto brake,” this technology builds upon features already employed by Volvo that allows the car to brake by itself if either a vehicle or pedestrian is detected in its path.

cyclist detection

“As the leader in automotive safety, we have been first in the industry with all detection and auto brake technologies, from the first-generation brake support in 2006 to pedestrian detection with full auto brake in 2010,” said Volvo VP of Marketing Doug Speck, while unveiling the technology today at the Geneva Motor Show.

This technology which is available in a package called “Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake,” will be crucial in reducing vehicle-cyclist accidents, which according to Volvo account for 50 percent of all cyclist deaths in Europe. The new detection system uses more advanced software and improved vision processing to better “see” and analyze the situation than previous versions.