Concussion Causes Dale Earnhardt Jr. to Skip Two Races

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s second concussion in six weeks forces him to sit out of the next two races making his hope for a championship this year look a lot less likely. Earnhardt Jr.’s first occurred on August 29th during a tire test in Kansas, while his second happened during the wild crash at Talladega.

Lately, concussions are very common in sports, mostly football and hockey so all of these sports organizations are becoming more strict with out they handle the athlete that suffers the injury. Due to these more strict rules, many athletes have chosen to hide their concussion symptoms for the fear of being pulled from their sport.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is no exception to this latest fad that athletes are engaging in. Earnhardt Jr. did not report symptoms from his first concussion for fear of being pulled from the race, and now is forced to sit out of the next two races because of the second concussion.

Due to persistent headaches after the Talledaga crash, Earnhardt Jr. was forced to see Dr. Petty, who is his personal physician as well as the physician for NASCAR. Sitting out will also end Earnhardt Jr.’s 461 consecutive start streak, which happens to be the fifth longest active streak in the Sprint Cup Series.Image courtesy of XSPimage