CEO Says Nismo Will Be Coming out with GT-R in Next 12 Months

Nissan’s Nismo performance arm will be coming out with an even hotter version of the cult-followed GT-R in the next 12 months.

nismo gt-r

“It would be unthinkable for us to develop a range of Nismo road cars without including the GT-R,” Ghosn said.

Nissan has historically made a point of tweaking the GT-R for improved performance year after year, including the 2014 model. Now the automaker has officially confirmed that its new flagship will be a Nismo-tuned version of the car. This announcement was made on Tuesday, February 26th, during the official opening of its new Nismo headquarters in Japan.

Although performance specifications weren’t announced for the car, Ghosn said that it will not only be revealed, but will be ready for driving in a 12-month time frame. News about the car was part of a larger announcement that Nismo will be expanding greatly in the future. That expansion will include not only the flagship GT-R, but a line of “affordable performance cars” as well.

“Nismo is a key element in Nissan‘s future global road car and motorsports strategy and we will quickly establish it as Nissan’s exclusive performance brand,” Nismo President, Shoichi Miyatani said. “This is the first time that all of our team has been located together, and the entire family will become a hothouse of passion and performance.”

Ghosn explains that the new facility will serve as a “think tank” to develop unique, cutting edge cars, and will allow Nissan to strengthen its motorsports presence.