Cars we can’t Afford : Mercedes SLC?

Reports say that Mercedes Benz has confirmed production of a new baby version of it’s SLS super car. An interview with Mercedes-Benz head of design, Gordon Wagener has shed some light on the plans for a new sport coupe to compete more directly with Porsches 911 offerings. The SLS priced at $190,ooo is an amazing car but it’s high price tag and specs put it a step above the normal competition.

Not many details have been revealed but so far it’s known that the SLC will be a front engine rear wheel drive coupe (no gullwing doors) wearing AMG badges and sporting a smaller AMG engine then it’s bigger brother. While no details on pricing have been openly discussed expect it to be comparable to current model 911’s. In other words the “baby” version of the SLS will still be more then most of us can afford but for those that can it may just shape up to be a serious contender.