By Bettering Driving Habits with New Device, Fuel Economy Improves by up to 30 Percent

By providing suggestions on how to improve motorists driving habits, a new gadget called Automatic is said to better their fuel consumption. The device plugs into your car’s data port and send information about your driving to an iPhone or Android app. Then the app makes suggestions on how to get better mileage and improved performance out of your car.


Now you may be asking yourself how does it do that? Well for example, if you are accelerating quickly, Automatic sends a subtle audio signal to let you know what you’re doing is wrong for fuel economy, and if you respect its instructions, people at Automatic say the device can save you up to a third on gas, with the cost of only a few adjustments on your driving habits.

Automatic can do more than just instruct your driving habits such as detecting specific engine problems when the “Check Engine” light is on or alerting 911 in case of a crash. The downside is that it only works with gasoline cars sold in the U.S. since 1996. You can see if your car is compatible with Automatic by checking the following link You can buy this device from the link as well for $69.95.