Buckling Up Becoming More Popular?

Surprisingly enough, seat-belt use has gone up in America over the last year resulting in an all-time high at 86 percent. Even though the majority of states have seat-belt laws in place, there are still a few areas were seat-belt use is not fully enforced. Southern states mostly account for these unenforced area and there was still an increase in seat-belt use of up to 5 percent.

This information comes from the NHTSA in a survey they conducted call the National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS). NOPUS is an annually conducted survey and has been showing an upward trend of seat-belt use since 1994, when seat belt use was as low as 58 percent.

Not surprisingly, the survey found that the seat belt use is consistently higher in States where vehicle occupants can be pulled over for not using seat belts compared to States with weaker enforcement laws or States without seat belt laws.