BMW X1 Powder Ride Edition is Launched in the US

Wanting to spice up the launch of the X1 crossover in America, BMW releases the ‘Powder Ride’ edition, celebrating winter sports. Of course this is a publicity campaign partnered with K2 LTD Powder Ride skis, but the ironic thing is that everyone knows that the X1 is designed to work in the cities, making the car useless on rough terrain, especially snow and ice.

Starting in November and throughout the winter, the X1 Powder Edition is based on the xLine model and features 18-inch rims, leatherette seats, dark copper interior trim, as well as exclusive all-weather mats roof rack rails, a ski and snowboard bag, and a set of K2 LTD Powder Ride skis. Some graphics and decals are also features in this special edition BMW including a large X on the rear doors.

Engine-wise, the Powder Ride comes as either xDrive28i with a 240-hp four-cylinder, or xDrive 35i powered by a 300-hp in-line six turbo. Both models come with all-wheel-drive systems, prices starting for the 28i at $31,545, and $39,345 for the 35i.

Other than the Powder Ride, BMW will also unveil the K2 concept (picture on the right) at the Los Angeles auto show. It seems to be the concept that inspired the production version, featuring an orange paint job, lots of graphics, special 19-inch wheels, speakers, and winter sport accessories.