Battery Check; The Temperature is now ZERO!

If you live in a cold climate like we do then you are probably getting pretty sick of the weather. You are probably experiencing cold hands, cold feet, high utility bills and heat that never seems hot enough. Think you got it bad? What about your car?! Sitting out there all alone as temperatures drop below 0. Chances are that salt covered block of metal is feeling a little neglected right now. No one wants to be outside messing around with maintaining a car during the winter.


Because really; ain’t nobody got time for that when it is this cold out.

But we all expect our car to be there for us in the morning ready to take us where ever we need to go. What can one do to ensure that happens? Check the battery! Car batteries take a beating in the cold weather. A weak battery can leave us stranded in a parking lot, cold and alone. Our cars might see this as payback but chances are you won’t be smiling about it.

So what is the deal with car batteries and cold weather? Well a car battery is box full of hazardous chemicals. Chemical reactions take place inside the battery to generate the power needed to start a car. When it is cold out those chemical reactions happen much slower creating less juice for the cars starter. A weak battery before the winter means a dead battery during winter.

Keeping a battery in check isn’t hard to do though. Stop by any big chain auto parts store and ask them to test your battery. It is that simple. If a car is starting to crank unusually slow in the morning it may be time to get it checked out. It’s probably fine but what if it isn’t?! Some would say to just pop the hood and use a volt meter but not everyone knows what that even means. It is much easier to hit the parts store on the way home. If it is bad they can replace it on the spot.

So even though it is freezing cold out there, don’t neglect the basics. Make sure your battery is in tip top shape so you don’t get stranded out there.

Sales Pitch

We do sell a small section of used car batteries locally but we do not sell them online or ship them. What we can help you with is a used starter or used alternator. Two part types that go hand in hand with charging and starting problems.  Get your battery checked first and then come back to us if it turns out to be something more expensive.