Aston Martin Celebrates 100 Years at 2013 Geneva Motor Show By Releasing the Centenary Edition Vanquish

This year is a big year for celebrating anniversaries at the Geneva Motor Show, and Aston Martins’s “Centenary Edition” Vanquish was uncovered on Tuesday before the show’s official beginning. The car features a unique graduated paint finish accented by solid silver Aston Martin badges. This is the first of several Centenary Edition models as Aston has planned to produce 100 units per car slated.

vanquish centenary edition

The car’s interior gets the same “Deep Soft” leather previously restricted to the One-77 supercar. That black leather is contrasted by silver stitching to compliment the car’s paint color, the sill plaques are also made of Sterling silver and are individually numbered. The cars come with a gift box containing commemorative gifts including a pair of glass keys, special leather key punches, silver cuff links, a silver pen and Bang & Olufsen headphones.