Are Foreign Car Parts More Expensive?

Foreign cars can sometimes command higher prices than domestic vehicles. This can also apply to foreign car parts – but not always.

In this blog, we examine just what influences foreign car parts prices. And what you can do to get the most reliable part at the best price.

Foreign Parts Mean Higher Prices. Right?

Buying foreign car parts often means paying a premium to get them into the US. Import duties, tariffs, and shipping costs can all push the price up. Supply chain issues and limited availability may result in delays in getting the parts, too.

If you need a critical part for your foreign vehicle, waiting months to pay an inflated price is not the solution. Factors affecting foreign parts pricing and availability can include:

  • Import Duties
  • Tariffs
  • Shipping Costs
  • Supply Chain Issues
  • Parts Shortage

What About Aftermarket Parts?

Buying an aftermarket can sometimes be cheaper. But you won’t get the same quality as you would from an OEM part. Aftermarket components are often generic. They don’t need to meet strict manufacturer standards. And many don’t come with a decent guarantee. You may still have to wait for stock too, as many aftermarket parts are imported. You shouldn’t rely on aftermarket parts for several reasons, including:

  • Generic parts won’t always work the same as OEM components
  • They can be cheaper but are generally lower quality
  • Generic parts are not subject to stringent OEM quality standards
  • You may get stuck having to wait for stock to be imported

Tom’s Foreign Parts Stock Makes All The Difference

If you need a part for your foreign car, Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts has the perfect solution. We stock thousands of quality used OEM parts for many foreign makes. There’s no import duty or international shipping cost added to our parts. And everything we sell comes with a comprehensive guarantee. And since our parts are all OEM, they will fit and work just like the original.

  • Thousands of quality used OEM parts in stock
  • Quick delivery across the US
  • No need to pay extra – you can save up to 75% off a new OEM part
  • All parts are guaranteed
  • We photograph and document every part online

Get Your Foreign Car Part From Tom’s

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