78mpg from a Super Car. Take that Toyota Prius!

This pretty much speaks for itself. First video of the new Porsche 918 hitting the streets. This car looks amazing. I was a huge fan of the Carrera GT but this really tops that. This is a 3.4L V8 Super car hybrid that gets 78mpg! Take a second and re read that sentence “3.4L V8 Super car hybrid that gets 78mpg“.

No typos here. This cars got 500hp and a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds. Under the hood is a 500hp race inspired engine along with 2 electric motors on each axle producing a combined total of 218hp. The included lithium ion battery will keep the electric motors running for 16 miles on electric only.

Drivers can choose from four modes for operating the car: eco, hybrid, ,sports hybrid, and racing hybrid. Racing Hybrid has an e-boost switch which adds a full electric boost to the already massive 500hp #. Kind of like a real life “Turbo Button”. So whats the downside? It retails for about $650,000.

From a pure economical stand point, how long would you have to drive this before 78mpg made up for the $650k you just spent on a super car? Who cares! The car is insane and while its completely impractical to drive this everyday, Porsche made a bold statement by showing us cars can still be fun AND Eco friendly at the same time. Kudos to them for that, now who’s trading their prius in for one?