5 Millionth Mercedes Transmission Produced

Whether your talking about sales, currency, or units of production, 5 million is a significant number. This number is even more important when talking about Mercedes transmission units, which are not a mere collection of casings, forks, and gears. The precision work that is required to build a transmission that need to withstand hundreds of pounds of torque and last decades meant that quality is the most important concern.

The Gaggenau plant, which is recognized as a competence center in the Mercedes production network, is responsible for producing three types of manual transmissions. The first is for the A- and B-Class cars that leave the assembly line in Rastatt and Kecskemet in Hungary, which have FSG type transmissions. Also produced in Gaggenau are the TSG type transmissions, which can be found in the Vito and Sprinter vans. The final type of transmission that Gaggenau makes is the NSG transmissions which are then shipped to assembly lines at Bremen and Sindelfingern, which produces the C- and E-Class.

Ever since 1981 Gaggenau had been producing light transmissions.Initially they produced the G-series transmissions until 2003 when newer transmissions phased in such as the NSG and FSG. In 2008, TSG type transmissions destined for Ludwigsfelde, Dusseldorf and Victoria in Spain were added to the product mix. 

Image courtesy of Daimler AG