How To: 06 Altima Window Switch Removal / Install

In this write up we’ll be showing you how to remove the master driver’s side window switch. This is a really easy DIY job that doesn’t take long to do. The car we’re working on is a 2006 Nissan Altima but this switch also interchanges with a 2005 Altima. This can be done in minutes with just a screw driver or trim panel removal tool.

Tools Needed

Flat head screw driver or Trim panel removal tool

Disconnect your Battery – Always remove the negative terminal of your battery before working on your car. This will keep you and your cars electronics safe while you do repairs. Remember that you could potentially have to re-enter your radio code after reconnecting the battery so be sure to have that handy. Radio presets, seat memory, trip computers and info screens may also lose information and presets when you disconnect the battery.

Step one

Using a trim panel removal tool or screw driver, gently pry up on the end of the window switch. If you’re using a screw driver, a rubberized one is better but use extra caution with a screw driver. It’s very easy to crack the trim if you use too much force.

Step Two

You should feel the switch start to lift up out of the door panel. Gently pulling up should allow the switch to pop out of the panel.

Step Three

Pulling the switch back away from the door slightly will reveal the electrical connectors for the window switch, door lock switch, and mirror switch. These connectors have a clip in the center that releases them from the window switch. Using the screw driver or trim panel tool, push the tab in the center while pulling the connector out to remove it from the switch. Repeat for each connector.

Connectors for 06 Altima window switch

Drivers Side Master Window Switch Altima


Installation is the reverse of the removal process. Reconnect all three electrical connectors and then lightly press the switch back into the door panel.


Reconnect your Battery – Don’t forget to reconnect the battery when you’re done!


DISCLAIMER – Please use caution when working on your vehicle. Our write ups are to be used as a guide only. You must use common sense and safety basics when doing any work on a vehicle. Always disconnect the battery before doing anything, use gloves and eye protection, work in a clean environment and clean up any spills as they happen with baking soda. If lifting the vehicle, make sure you know what you’re doing and support the car with more than just a floor jack. Also be aware of the air bag system and where the air bags in your car are located.