Tips for Transporting a Christmas Tree

Of course everybody likes the look of their Christmas tree once they get it set up and put the lights and ornaments on it. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and effort to get it looking that way! Perhaps the hardest part of the whole ordeal is getting the Christmas tree back home from the farm or stand. Here are 4 tips to follow to make the process as smooth as possible:

Bring the Right Materials
While the place that you get the tree might have these items available, it can’t hurt to be prepared. You should have on hand: gloves, a sheet, bungee cords, rope, and a stepladder if you aren’t tall or are strapping the tree to the top of a large vehicle. Christmas tree needles can be sharp and a tree is difficult to maneuver without gloves. Depending on how the tree will be transported home, the sheet can be placed in the back of the trunk or on top of the roof to protect the roof from scratches. Obviously, bungee cords and rope are needed to secure the Christmas tree so that it doesn’t fall out of or off of the car en route home.

Inspect It
Check the tree for loose branches, insects, or even bird’s nests. There’s no sense in taking that stuff home with you or putting it in your car.

Get It Wrapped
Before leaving, get the tree wrapped in plastic netting. A Christmas tree is much easier to handle when it has been wrapped. Many Christmas tree dealers offer this service free of charge.

Consider the Size
Small trees can go in the backseat and medium trees can go in the trunk. If you are putting the tree in the trunk, put the backseats down if you can and position the tree at an angle. The base of the tree should be inside of the car, with the top of the tree sticking out if necessary. Since the base is the heaviest part, this will help keep it secure. Use the bungee cords and rope to shut the trunk gently on top of the tree. If you are putting the tree on the roof, place it on top of the sheet with the base facing forward. That way, the wind will blow off less needles and limbs.