4 Reasons to Not Upgrade Your Car

Which kind of car personality are you? Do you prefer to drive a flashy new vehicle every couple of years? Or, do you purchase a reliable car that you know will last for at least ten years as long as it’s taken care of? There’s certainly no right or wrong answer. People just have different car priorities. Some people think of their car as a status symbol while others simply think of it as a means to get from A to B. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your ride and purchase a new car. However, there are also plenty of reasons not to. Before making a purchase, the pros and cons should be weighed.

Here are a few reasons to consider NOT upgrading your car:

It’s Expensive
This isn’t just about the sticker price. Nearly everything associated with a new car costs more: insurance, parts and repair if something goes wrong, gas if the car is bigger. There are many extra costs associated with owning a new car that some people just don’t consider until the purchase has been made.

Things Change
Sure, you may be able to afford a hot, sporty car now, but what if something happens and you become unable to make the payments? Or, what if you decide that it’s time to start a family? The sporty car then becomes more of an inconvenience because it just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle anymore. Upgrading your car is a big, and costly, decision. Sometimes it’s best to err on the side of caution.

The Older Model is Better
Car enthusiasts wait anxiously to see what changes their favorite car manufacturer makes to the new model every year. In most cases improvements are made, but in some cases potential buyers are left feeling underwhelmed. Sometimes a useful (to some) feature has been removed, or the interior isn’t made of the same kind of quality material. Newer doesn’t always mean better. There’s much more to consider than the model year.

There’s Really Not Much Reason To
If your current car gets you safely and comfortably from place to place, is it really necessary to upgrade? Obviously it would be nice to have a new, flashy vehicle, but sometimes financially it just doesn’t make sense.