How To: 06 Nissan Altima Temp Control Removal / Installation

In this write up we’ll be showing you how to remove the temperature control from a 2006 Nissan Altima. The temp control is the control panel on your dash that controls the air conditioning, heat and fan speed settings. Our AC controls are manual but this procedure should be the same for the automatic temp control. This is also identical for the 2005 Altima model year.

Tools Needed

Philips head screw driver
Small flat head screw driver or prying tool

Disconnect your Battery – Always remove the negative terminal of your battery before working on your car. This will keep you and your cars electronics safe while you do repairs. Remember that you could potentially have to re-enter your radio code after reconnecting the battery so be sure to have that handy. Radio presets, seat memory, trip computers and info screens may also lose information and presets when you disconnect the battery.


Step One

Using a small flat head screw driver or prying tool, gently pull the trim piece away from the dash. You should feel the clips release as you pull the trim towards you. It’s best to pull the trim out with your hands once you have enough room to get a good grip on it.

When you pull the trim out you’ll see that the passenger air bag warning light is still attached. Using a small screw driver you can release the connector from the air bag light.




Altima Passenger Airbag Light Connector

Step Two

The temp control is held in with 4 black Philips head screws. Remove all 4 screws and pull the temp control towards you.

Removing 06 Altima AC Heater Control

05-06 Altima Temperature Control Removed

Step Three

The temp control has connectors on the back of it much like the Air bag warning light did. You can use a small flat head screw driver to release the connectors. Once the connectors are released the temp control will be free from the car.

Removing connectors from Altima temp control

Disconnected and removed Altima Temp Control


Step One

Match up the old temperature control to the old one to make sure they’re the same. Re connect all of the electrical connectors to the new unit. Make sure you double check that all connectors are plugged in.

Step Two

Line the replacement temp control back up with the 4 screw holes in the dash. Screw the temp control in using the 4 old screws you originally removed.

Step Three

Re attach the white electrical plug to the air bag warning light on the trim piece. Line the trim piece up with the temp control and the dash board and gently press it back into place. You should hear and feel the clips as they clip into place.

06 Altima Temp Control before removal


Reconnect your Battery – Don’t forget to reconnect the battery when you’re done!

DISCLAIMER – Please use caution when working on your vehicle. Our write ups are to be used as a guide only. You must use common sense and safety basics when doing any work on a vehicle. Always disconnect the battery before doing anything, use gloves and eye protection, work in a clean environment and clean up any spills as they happen with baking soda. If lifting the vehicle, make sure you know what you’re doing and support the car with more than just a floor jack. Also be aware of the air bag system and where the air bags in your car are located.