Getting to Know the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is an executive range of cars manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. These cars are luxurious, stylish, and incredibly popular. They are high performers and fun to drive, but they are also very safe. Here’s what you should know about the E-Class:

About the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class was first produced in 1993. The first E-class was a face lifted W124, which was first introduced in 1984. The E-Class is in its fifth generation. In European countries, it has also served as taxis and police cars due to its size and durability. E-Class Mercedes-Benz cars are a top-selling model having sold 13 million by 2015.

E-Class Features

As the most advanced E-class to date, this car features technology never offered before. It sets itself apart from the competition. Imagine a car that could protect your ears in the event of an accident. The E-Class can do that with the use of pink sound. Pink sound technology pre-triggers your ears to protect themselves when your car senses an impending accident. The E-Class also features “Car-to-X,” which is a system that lets you know of driving conditions before you can even see them.

You’ll be able to change your route to avoid poor conditions. Pre-Safe Impulse Side is a safety measure that will reduce forces of impact by taking you further from the point of impact. Touch-sensitive control buttons on the steering wheel allows drivers to control navigation and entertainment without having to take their hands off the wheel. Just another safety feature the E-Class has to offer.

Not only is the E-Class technologically advanced and safe, it’s also aesthetic.

E-Class Design

The E-Class is elegant both on the outside and the inside. It features a large screen (12.3”), sharp graphics, and clear menus. The seats in the E-Class are designed to fit the body, which creates comfort. A wide selection of colors to choose from for the exterior of the E-Class include: Black, white, Lunar Blue Metallic, Dakota Brown Metallic, Cardinal Red Metallic, Selenite Grey Metallic, and more. Models include the E 300 Sedan, E 300 4MATIC Sedan, and E 400 $MATIC Sedan.


The E-Class was built to perform. They are front engine, rear-wheel and optional four-wheel drive. The 9-speed transmission responds quickly and efficiently to changing driving conditions and needs. The turbo engine allows less fuel usage, but more power as it self-tunes every few milliseconds. Air Body Control is an air suspension feature that coordinates two electronic systems that allows the E-Class to handle in a balanced and polished manner.

With DYNAMIC SELECT, you can switch to whatever mode you’re in the mood for and the conditions you’re driving in. If you’re driving windy mountain roads, you might choose sport mode. Other modes include ECO, Comfort, and Race Mode. The great thing about the E-class is that you can create your own mode as well. This is called Individual Mode. These different modes will give you access to better gas mileage when you need it and less when that’s not a concern.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a car with style and safety.