Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Summer car maintenance might not seem important, but it’s just as important as the winter car maintenance you do to prepare for snow, ice, and rain. Summers are hot and dry and this can impact the running of your car and even your personal safety. Here is your summer car maintenance checklist.

Check Your Battery

The last thing you want during the summer heat is to be stranded somewhere because your battery died. You want your battery to be corrosion free. If you notice the battery and cables need to be cleaned, take the time to clean them. You also want to check your battery charge. If you need a new battery, don’t put it off and hope for the best. It’s better to spend the money on it now and avoid additional costs later if you do need a tow.

Test the Air Conditioner

Whether you’re staying close to home this summer or planning a road trip, you need to make sure the air conditioner in your car is working properly. Hot temperatures outside will heat up the interior of the car and make your summer drives uncomfortable. Make sure that all vents are working and blowing clear air. If they are dusty, you’ll want to clean them to prevent dust and dirt flying around the inside of your car.

Check Fluid Levels

Coolant is especially important during the summer. You radiator works extra hard during the warm summer months to keep your car from overheating, so make sure that’s topped off. Check to make sure levels of steering fluid, brake fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and motor oil are at optimal levels. Make sure you top off the fluids before you begin driving and that you use the right products for your car’s make and model.

Test the Tires and Brakes

In addition to brake fluid, you’ll want to check the condition of your brakes, brake pads, and hoses. If they need replacing, take care of this immediately. Depending on where you live, the harsh winters can be hard on the brakes, especially in areas that need to use a lot of salt on the roads because salt can corrode the breaks. You should also check your tires to make sure the tread isn’t too worn or that here isn’t a leak originating from corrosion on your rims. Checking tire pressure should be done on a regular basis also as temperature fluctuations can cause pressure loss. Incorrect pressure can lead to poor performance and reduced gas mileage.

Put Together an Emergency Kit

It’s hopeful to think nothing bad will ever happen, especially if you’ve done all of your summer car maintenance, but sadly this isn’t the case. Unexpected things can and do happen. Your car should always be equipped with items you might need in an emergency. This includes, but isn’t limited to: a first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable foods, blankets, jumper cables, a spare tire, and a flashlight.

Preparing your car for summer is as important as preparing it for winter. Every season has a set of conditions that can impact your car. This list will have you prepared for driving in the summer!