Cadillac Steps up its game for 2011, Do you want one now?

For the 2011 Model year, Cadillac will be giving buyers free maintenence up to four-year/50k miles. This includes Oil changes, tire rotation, engine and cabin filters, and multi-point inspections. Cadillac also includes a full year of OnStar, a 5 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, and a 4 year 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

So with that said, will you be buying a Cadillac based on this? Does the replacement of cheap maintenance parts really make you want to pick a Cadillac over a BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, or Infiniti? My answer is Absolutely not. If you were on the fence and already considering a Cadillac, I’m sure this could be a deal breaker. But lets look a little at what their giving you.

Free oil changes. Many others already offer this and if not, oil changes range from $40 – $90 every 3-5k miles. Engine filters are in the sub $20 range and should be changed every other oil change or every time if you really want to be a freak about it. Cabin filters are also inexpensive and don’t need to be changed very often. Last but not least, most oil change places will rotate your tires for free when you get your oil change done OR when you go to the local tire shop to replace the always sub-par factory tires, they’ll offer free rotations as a courtesy to buying tires from them.

So that leaves us with a multi point inspections which is questionable of what that even means. Fluid checks, tire kicking, computer scan, brake check? All of this can be had or done for free. So if your siting home ready to buy a new Lexus and see a Cadillac ad about free maintenance, just remember how nice a Lexus is before you go running to the Cadillac dealer with your check book. Of coarse, this is just my biased foreign car guy opinion. This is after all.

The NEW is launched!

The NEW Tom's Foreign Auto Parts website

Welcome to the NEW Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts website. For whatever reason, I found it necessary to post a screen shot of the site your currently viewing. I guess that just shows how excited we are about this NEW site. We’ve been playing around with our website for years now and could just never get it to where we wanted it to be. Those that know us have heard “Our new site will be up soon”  thousands of times. This is our 4th website and by far the best one we’ve been able to put together.

Below are some key features to check out and a few things coming soon. Take a look around the site, tell your friends about it, post it on facebook, shout it from roof tops, whatever you see fit. While we wait for the search engines to re spider the site, any word of mouth would really help us out.

Key Features of

  • Fresh new look! We worked with the guys at to give us a clean and functional design
  • The Part Finder was designed to help customers drill down to the exact parts their looking for
  • Filtering when searching for parts. You can filter by Year, Make, Model, Part type, and Price
  • Search using the search box. You can search by keyword, year, make, model, part type, part number or Hollander number.
  • Video on all recent inventory. On every item page you’ll find a Donor Vehicle tab. This will have pictures of the vehicle the part was pulled from, the VIN number, and a Video showcasing the car when we inventoried it.
  • Pictures, Pictures, Pictures… With over 120,000 pictures in our system, you’ll always know exactly what your buying.
  • Tom’s Blog. Your reading it! Keep up on all the latest Tom’s news, Auto News and other fun things we’ll be posting.
  • New Stock, an extension of our blog. Follow it with an RSS feed to get updated every time we get a new vehicle.
  • Part Request page for when you need help locating those hard to find foreign auto parts.
  • Order Tracking so you can keep track of all the orders you place online with us along with their current status
  • Customer service is a big deal for us. You can contact us with Live Chat, E-Mail, AIM, Phone, or the Contact form.

Whats coming Next? Watch for some of these new enhancements we’ll be making over the next 6 months!

  • We’re going Mobile with the release of our mobile site. See a sample version of it today at
  • Exact fit lookup coming soon. Along with our new Part Finder and filtering system, we’ll have an advanced lookup. Keep checking back for more details as we get closer to launching it.
  • We also have a few other things up our sleeve, you’ll just have to keep checking back to see!