Obutto oZone Gaming Cockpit Review

Last year I decided to pick up an Obutto Racing seat and got some time to write up a review on it and give some of my thoughts on the hole experience of buying and owning one. I’ve been playing racing games for years but have only been using a wheel for about a year now. Prior to the Obutto, I had my G27 mounted to a pretty standard computer desk. Before reading this review please remember we have no association with Obutto or anyone selling the racing seat. This is a completely unbiased review from my own personal experience with the seat that I’ve grown to love dearly.

 g27 desk mounted  Obutto unboxed and set up

I’m not an expert when it comes to racing sims but after buying the G27 I got hooked. I had plans of squeezing a racing cockpit into my already crowded computer room. I looked mostly at the Playseat and liked the NASCAR editions of it but the price really started adding up. The standard Playseat was $339.00, Shifter mount was another $45, seat sliders for $50, and then on top of that I had to buy the additional Monitor mount for another $200. So I was looking at $634 before even thinking about the shipping charges.

My biggest issue in researching the Playseat is that I wanted something that had a built in Monitor mount so I could just move the hole assembly with out having to wall mount a TV or anything like that. The problem with the playseat is that there’s very little info around the net in regards to the Monitor mount. I assume because it’s an additional $200, it’s probably not a big seller. I was really worried about clearance of the pedals being that the mount looked like it really boxed in the pedal tray.

Luckily for me, I stumbled upon the Obutto. At first it looked to much like a desk for me. The first pic of it on their site really makes it look more desk like. After some further review though, I realized that it looked like a complete package that wasn’t just well priced, it seemed like a steal in comparison to others. At right around $400 this seats got everything you would need to get setup. Read the rest of this entry »