What happened to the 4DSC?? – Nissan History

So this morning I was looking through my google reader via my iphone 4 while eating Cheerios. This has become my morning routine now for the last few months. I follow way to many RSS feeds. Far to many for me to actually read them all but his morning I happened to catch THIS review posted of the 2011 Nissan Maxima. It brought up something I haven’t really heard in a while. “The 4 Door Sports Car” or “4DSC”.  This was a marketing slogan used by Nissan in 1989 to describe it’s newly re designed family sedan and was recently brought back with the 2009 model.

It got me thinking that with modern day consumer demands, fuel economy, and emisions regulations; looking at a 2011 Maxima doesn’t really scream “Sports Car”. Let’s take a little time here to look back at what the Maxima was and what it is today.

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