Nissan Partners with Gibson to Create Mobile Guitar Workshop

Converting the compact cargo van to a mobile repair and restoration van for guitars, Nissan and Gibson have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind NV200. The NV200, acting as a mobile guitar repair shop, serves the needs of both working musicians and casual pickers. The van can service at locales where guitar players meet, or at major music markets such as music festivals, concerts, recording studios, or even homes.

gibson vanBased in Nashville Tennessee, the goal of the Gibson NV200 is to be a quick-response support vehicle for the Gibson’s Repair & Restoration shop. A pullout bench features an array of luthiuer’s tools including calipers, scale rulers, fret files, sandpaper, super glue, wood glue, tuning forks, a radius planer, various guitar parts, (strings, tuning machines, frets, nuts, bridges, linseed oil, potentiometers, pickups), pliers, screw drivers, and a solder station all fill the inside of the van. In order to work on instruments, the bench can be extended to the lip of the NV200.

A custom rack sits directly behind the front seat that can hold up to four guitars while the cockpit has been customized to resemble Gibson’s classic designs featuring wood veneers in the dash and special leather-appointed seats. A Gibson Pro Audio consumer electronics brand named Onkyo provided the NV200 with a custom audio system. To top it off, the NV200 was then wrapped with a full Gibson theme to make it recognizable from far away distances.

“Gibson and Nissan are both Tennessee-based companies that build products worthy of consumer passion yet suitable for everyday use,” said Joe Castelli, vice president of Commercial Vehicles and Fleet for Nissan North America. “We’ve sought a way to combine forces for many years now, and the introduction of the 2013 NV200 Compact Cargo van gives us the perfect opportunity to do so. Working with Gibson has been a dream come true for many of us here at Nissan, and we look forward to the next steps collaborating with them.”

New York City Adopts A new line of Nissan Taxi Cabs

Earlier this month New York announced that it had chosen it’s Taxi model for the next 10 years. The Nissan NV200 van is set to start replacing the NYC cab line up as soon as 2014.This compact commuter van will be a nice change from the large yet some how cramped american sedans it replaces. The NV200 offers New Yorkers a lot more for their money with USB charging ports, a glass panoramic roof for great views of the city, large package and luggage capacity and sliding doors to make entering and exiting the cab a little safer for those pedaling around you.

This is great news for Nissan who is sure to reap some free exposure when these new Cabs become the face of NYC. They’ll not only be every where on the streets but hollywood will surely start using them for movies that are set in the big apple. Even better for Nissan is that many other cities look to New York when they make desicisions on their Taxi programs and many of the large Cab companies around the country like to keep their cars uniform.

Among the obvious benefits Nissan will see from this partnership with NY is that the demand for these convenient little vans may spew over to Nissan’s retail business. The introduction of a consumer model of this van in the US is pretty likely now making the added Cab exposure a great advertising tool.

Video : 5 Year Old Drives a GT-R

Untill recently, the Skyline was a highly sought after Japanese car that wasn’t available in the US. The thought of owning an R33 or R34 in the US would have made any import tuner grin from ear to ear. The new age GT-R’s finally made owning one in America a reality and since it’s inception the import crowd has been at war over who loves and who hates the car. With questionable track times on its debut to horrific launch control warranty stories online, the GT-R has definitely been met with some controversy.

All that aside, these cars are known for their handling and all late model Skylines are known for their abundance of computers to make driving them completely configurable. So configurable that apparently even a 5 year old could do it. That’s what this video would want you to believe anyway. A great editing job by the author and a truly fun video for you Nissan fans out there.

What happened to the 4DSC?? – Nissan History

So this morning I was looking through my google reader via my iphone 4 while eating Cheerios. This has become my morning routine now for the last few months. I follow way to many RSS feeds. Far to many for me to actually read them all but his morning I happened to catch THIS review posted of the 2011 Nissan Maxima. It brought up something I haven’t really heard in a while. “The 4 Door Sports Car” or “4DSC”.  This was a marketing slogan used by Nissan in 1989 to describe it’s newly re designed family sedan and was recently brought back with the 2009 model.

It got me thinking that with modern day consumer demands, fuel economy, and emisions regulations; looking at a 2011 Maxima doesn’t really scream “Sports Car”. Let’s take a little time here to look back at what the Maxima was and what it is today.

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