2013 Infiniti G37x Exterior Trim and Paint Code Location

Looking for a the interior or exterior trim code for your 2013 Infiniti G37? Nissan / Infiniti make their trim and paint codes extremely easy to find. Below are pictures of the tag on a recently salvaged G37x coupe that we parted out. The paint and trim codes can be found on the drivers door jam on a white tag. The paint code is under “Color” and the Trim code is under “Trim” on the white sticker. This sticker also provides other useful information that may be helpful such as the production date, transmission code, axle code, and engine code. On our car the transmission code is RE7R01A with an axle code of RC33 and the engine code VQ37(VHR).

2013 G37x Trim and Paint Codes

2013 G37x Trim and paint Code location

Upcoming Compact Car Targets a “34-year old French Lady Called Pascale” Says Infiniti Boss

infiniti etherea

Marketing has grown to be such an important part in the automotive industry to the extent that it is not involved in the very first stages of development of new cars. This explains why carmakers have started creating a biography for a single target buyer even before they have begun developing a model car. Take Infiniti for instance, who knows everything about the people who will be buying its upcoming compact model, which is loosely inspired by the Etherea concept (shown in the picture) and due to appear in 2015.

“The target customer is a French lady called Pascale. She’s 34 years old, living in London with an English guy who works in banking,” Nissan global product planning boss Andy Palmer told Autonews Europe. “We pick a lead market, we pick a lead customer and we research in detail that lead customer. Every car has a person with a name, an income and a lifestyle and that gives product planners a reference of where we’re going with the car,” Palmer explained.

The goal of this extreme form of customer profiling it to give designers and planners a clear focus of what is required from the car they will develop. It is only natural that the more radical the car is, the less mainstream the customer will be. Usually, the fictional client lives in the country or region where the car will sell the strongest. When it developed the Juke, Nissan used the same approach, and the automaker has already identified the customer for the new Qashqai compact crossover due next year. Palmer didn’t get into personal details about the next Qashqai’s typical buyer, however they did day that the person is urban and European.

Not Only Does the 2014 Infiniti Q50 Cost $37,355 But it Comes with a Free iPad

Infiniti just announced pricing for the Q50 sport sedan, which was originally unveiled back in January at the Detroit Auto Show. Pricing starts at $37,355 including delivery, entry climbs to $48,805 for the all-wheel drive hybrid model sport. As previously reported, the hybrid model comes with a 3.5 liter V6 rather than the 3.7 liter powerplant, and every model comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission. This system is that same hybrid system currently found in the M35h sedan.

infiniti Q50

Pricing announced Wednesday, March 27th is specifically being referred to as “introductory,” suggesting the MSRP might climb once the car reaches dealers this summer. Preordering the Q50 also gets buyers a free iPad Mini. In addition, Infiniti is offering it’s “popularly equipped” Q50 premium model with an optional navigation system for $42,605. Aside from the drivetrain changes, Infiniti is also abandoning the familiar button-based infotainment system found in both its Nissan’s cars for a new touch screen system.