Our Favorite 2014 Vehicle Super Bowl Ads

As most of us sat around watching the blow out which was the super bowl this year, a lot of us like it for the commercials to. I thought a lot of the commercials this year were kind of week, the car commercials were actually some of the more fun and interesting to watch. I thought it would be fun to recap and go over some of my favorite commercials from this years super bowl.

Our first commercial is for the Audi A3, Audi goes on to show us what horrors can be conceived with compromise. Introducing to you the Doberhuahua!

Bruce Willis would like you give all your friends and family a big hug from Honda. Honda is showing you how much safety means to them with a hug!

Ford like double everything! To show their love for double the fuel economy of their new Ford Fusion they shot two commercials back to back with Rob Riggle and James Franco err Rob Franco or James Riggle well just watch and see what double means to ford!

Would you take the Blue key or the Red key? Morpheus is back from the Matrix to show us about luxury with the all new Kia K900. Who knew he could sing so well?

Hyundai’s automatic braking commercial was something I enjoyed. It shows how dad was always keeping you safe and saving the day, well Hyundai employed that same feeling in their new Genesis with automatic braking.

Finally we have a commercial to punch you right in the feelings department! This is Chevrolet’s commercial for World Cancer Day and celebrating the survivors and supporting those with cancer a great road to recovery!

These are the car commercials that I enjoyed during this years Super Bowl. Of course there were tons of other commercials to watch, some were really good but overall I feel like they were a little weak. I would love to know what were your favorites! Please post them in the comments section so we can see what commercials you really enjoyed!

Blue Link coming to 2012 Hyundai Sonata and Veloster

Hyundai has Finally announced its Blue Link Service at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it will rival GM’s Onstar system. The Blue link system will have a  few packages for the buyer to chose from and different subscription prices.  It will be available through the radio nav screen or the rear view mirror. Just like Onstar services, It will be able to help you start your car, unlock your doors, and have enhanced roadside assistance.

Blue Link will be available on all future Hyundai models, starting with Sonata and the Veloster 3-door coupe later this year! If your planning on buying one of these cars new then it will be something well worth getting, and waiting for to come out.

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Parting out 2006 Hyundai Elantra – Stock # 100617 .

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