BUILT from eBay – Seriously Cool!

Built from eBay is a recent web series being produced by eBay motors. Four magazines are each building cars completely from parts sourced on eBay motors. At the end of the project, each car will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to charity. The BUILT website has all the episodes (8 so far) and next to each video is a parts list of what they used in the episode. Check out the first episode below or check out www.builtfromebay.com for all the episodes and vote for your favorite!

tomsforeignautoparts gets 25,000 feedback on eBay

Top Seller Rating and Feedback

We hit a new milestone on eBay recently and reached 25,000 feedback which means we got a new fancy star. eBay’s been pretty good to us over the years. You can see we also get consistently high DSR ratings and maintain Top Seller Status (TRS). We put a lot of work into our customer service as a company. It’s not just one or two employees that make this happen. We get our entire staff involved to make sure all orders are smooth from start to finish.

Check us out on ebay at http://stores.ebay.com/Toms-Foreign-Auto-Parts