Our Favorite 2014 Vehicle Super Bowl Ads

As most of us sat around watching the blow out which was the super bowl this year, a lot of us like it for the commercials to. I thought a lot of the commercials this year were kind of week, the car commercials were actually some of the more fun and interesting to watch. I thought it would be fun to recap and go over some of my favorite commercials from this years super bowl.

Our first commercial is for the Audi A3, Audi goes on to show us what horrors can be conceived with compromise. Introducing to you the Doberhuahua!

Bruce Willis would like you give all your friends and family a big hug from Honda. Honda is showing you how much safety means to them with a hug!

Ford like double everything! To show their love for double the fuel economy of their new Ford Fusion they shot two commercials back to back with Rob Riggle and James Franco err Rob Franco or James Riggle well just watch and see what double means to ford!

Would you take the Blue key or the Red key? Morpheus is back from the Matrix to show us about luxury with the all new Kia K900. Who knew he could sing so well?

Hyundai’s automatic braking commercial was something I enjoyed. It shows how dad was always keeping you safe and saving the day, well Hyundai employed that same feeling in their new Genesis with automatic braking.

Finally we have a commercial to punch you right in the feelings department! This is Chevrolet’s commercial for World Cancer Day and celebrating the survivors and supporting those with cancer a great road to recovery!

These are the car commercials that I enjoyed during this years Super Bowl. Of course there were tons of other commercials to watch, some were really good but overall I feel like they were a little weak. I would love to know what were your favorites! Please post them in the comments section so we can see what commercials you really enjoyed!

What is the most appealing car to you?

So as car companies fight for popularity and try to win over everyone’s heart I want to know what car company do you like the most?  Which company really grabs your eyes when you see that car going down the road. You think this may be an easy decision to make just because you love the car you drive but this isn’t always the case. I love my Nissan Murano that I have been driving for about a year now, I had a Nissan Altima coupe before that. I guess you can say I am a Nissan guy because I have owned two so far but that isn’t the case.

As of late Hyundai has been putting out a lot of nice looking cars. I had the chance  to ride in a Hyundai Sonata and all I have to say is wow! That is a nice riding, nice looking car. The interior hugs you and makes you almost feel right at home. Also It’s high tech interior look is a grab for me because I’m sort of a tech nut. The Hyundai Tucson is a nice looking car also with almost the same interior looks as the Sonata.




Chevy has been putting out some nice looking cars also, but still have there american made look. I can always tell between an american and foreign car just by the body lines and look. To me american cars just have that american look I guess you can say a bit more boxy. I’m sure some of you will agree and some of you won’t. But just an opinion. I did a blog post about the Chevy Volt and it really grabbed me. I was almost ready to go American again, but like with anything else finances brought me back to reality.

So that’s just a couple of makes and models that I prefer the looks of. Out of 100’s of makes and models out there what do you like? What body lines catch your eye? What interiors make you feel like your at home on your own couch or in a space shuttle heading to orbit?


Things you may not know about the Chevy Volt

In my free time searching around the net for more car information to fill the mushy little noodle in my head with I came across Chevy’s beloved Volt. I started reading into it and I wanted to know why the Volt was so much more different from the rest of the Hybrid cars on the market; I soon found out why. The volt is a zero emission out of the tail pipe vehicle with a battery that will last about 35 miles. There is a gas engine under the hood that is basically a generator to charge the battery on long trips over 35 or so miles. So like the Nissan Leaf the Chevy Volt is a pure electric vehicle per se. I don’t see it as pure electric because it still needs gas to run the gas engine to charge the battery on trips over 35 miles.


Basically this works  when the battery hits a certain point the gas engine turns on and starts to re charge the battery. The car can go a total of about 380 miles on a tank of gas and charge. This is quite interesting considering if I only drive 35 miles a day and recharge it every night what happens to the gas in my tank that I don’t use? Yes gas can go bad if left in a tank for so long. Chevy solved this by warning the driver after some time that the gas may be getting old the car will also run the gas engine from time to time to cycle the gas. Chevy states the gas will stay good for one year in its pressurized tank. Same thing with the engine, the car will run it at least every 6 months to make sure the oil keeps the cylinder walls and everything else lubricated.









The Volt also has great electronics to help keep you notified and the car efficient. The center stack has a screen at the top to tell you things like charge level, battery usage and other mileage information. It also gives you normal information like climate control and radio. You can also set up your charging schedule so that the car will start charging during certain times so it will be ready  when you leave in the morning. You can also enter your utility rates for summer and winter and only have it charge when you want it to while it is plugged in. Also through on star you can download an app to your smart phone so you can check charge levels and mileage. You can also have the car turn on the AC and turn the heat on, before you get into your car so it is ready to go and comfortable once you step into it.  So far the technology Chevy has put into this car seems pretty impressive and makes me want to buy one!


I know what your asking yourself… What about charging times? Well with a normal 110 volt outlet it takes the Volt about 10 hours to charge. With a professionally installed 220 volt outlet the car charges itself in 4 hours. Chevy claims the price is about $1.50 a day to charge the car. They do recomend charging it during non peaks times which is estimated between 9 p.m. to about 7 a.m. Also like most Hybrids the braking on the car also helps charge the battery a bit, the center cluster will tell you if your braking to hard or accelerating to fast so you can get the most fuel economy.

So after searching through Chevrolet’s website and reading about the Volt I am thoroughly convinced on this car being a pretty good electric car to drive. Personally I like  it more than the Nissan leaf just because of the more range and it is a little bit easier on the eyes. I have lost faith in american cars for a long time and maybe this is what Chevy needs to put  some faith back in the people who lost faith in buying american. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring and what the next gen electric cars will be like. Hopefully we will have a battery that can go 400 miles on a charge and not need a gas engine for back up.

2011 Chevy Caprice Cruisers hit the streets

General Motors has delivered 23 2011 Caprice cop cars to the US. These are Australian built cars built by GM’s Holden brand and shipped to the states. The 23 delivered so far are non pursuit detective models with no word on how many more will be brought over or where they’ll be going. GM did confirm that pursuit models will far out weight the detective models in the very close future.

These aren’t econo box cruisers either. These late model patrol cars come packed with a 6.0L V8 pumping out 355hp and 384 lb-ft. Combined with a 6 speed auto these fully loaded cop cars hit 60mph in less than 6 seconds.  GM will also be offering a V6 version but for patrol cars in pursuit, what cop would want that?