AAA getting mobile charging trucks for EV vehicles.

AAA Announced this week their going to have trucks with mobile charging stations. This is in response to the EV anxiety for people with battery powered cars and their limited range.  The Nissan leaf only gets about 100 mpg,  that doesn’t leave much room for error when keeping your car charged and going on drives and having to stay under the 100 mile range.

AAA is starting this program in certain cities right now. The cities are Seattle; the San Francisco Bay Area; Los Angeles; Knoxville, Tenn.; the Tampa Bay Area; and Portland, Ore. AAA has seen a rise in demand for this service due to the rise in electric cars being bought. I think this is a step in the right direction for a good selling point if you have a EV powered vehicle and to keep your mind at ease while on long trips.

AAA will have two types of chargers on their trucks. A stage 2 and stage 3 charger. These chargers operate faster than your home 110 volt charger. With a 10-15 charge you will get about 3-15 miles range on your driving; obviously depending on what vehicle your driving. This is usually enough range to get you to a charging station or a gas station depending on what kind of car your driving.

I’m not sure about you but I have AAA for my gas car and I know that the peace of mind is enough to pay for the service. If I ever buy an electric car and this service expands into my area I will feel much better about doing my errands, trips or even driving to work. I’m sure it is just the worst feeling in the world being on the side of the road with no electrical socket in sight. It isn’t so bad with a gas car because a gas can, can fix that problem. With an electric car its a bit more complicated. I hope to see this service expanded to more cities in the near future!

New York City gets Volt patrol cars

New York city is adding another electric hybrid to there fleet, the Chevy Volt. This is a portion of there 70 car order. This will save the city a lot of money in the long run when it comes to rising gas prices. The only problem I see happening is the cars 35 mile battery range and the New York stop and go traffic. This really doesn’t give the car enough time to fire up the gasoline engine so I wonder what the real mileage range will be of these cars in the traffic conditions.

Along with the Volt the police departments diverse collection of cars includes, Ford Crown Victoria sedans to Nissan Altima hybrids to electric scooters and golf carts.  The city already has 430 electric cars in the fleet and i’m sure that will be increasing as time moves on. This puts New York City on the map of having the largest electric car fleet in the nation. So if you live in New York watch out for these shiny new cars on the road.