Compliment your car with a shiny new Smartwatch


Remember when a watch was just a watch? It was a simpler time of elegant time pieces with the sole purpose of telling local and world time. Today the modern watch is evolving into a marvel of technological advancement. I remember having a Casio calculator watch when I was a kid that made me feel like Batman when I wore it. All that thing did was crunch numbers where today’s watches can monitor health, show phone calls, text, go online and now even connect to your car.

The connected car is trending throughout the auto industry and what better way to connect to a car than the tech around your wrist? We’ve hit the point where hands free calling, voice recognition and iPod integration are all standard fair inside your vehicle. Now manufacturers are looking to the Smartwatch to enhance their vehicles.

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What’s the point of cars with Wi-Fi?

In car Wi-Fi has crossed my mind a few times lately as I’ve read news stories about texting while driving and the usability of some hands free systems. It’s interesting to think about how much technology we use in our daily lives and how important staying connected has become. Looking to capitalize on that, new car manufacturers are looking for ways to integrate Wi-Fi solutions into their vehicles. It only makes sense that people would want internet all around them but is a cars hot spot the answer?

I’m really having trouble understanding the point of an in car Wi-Fi system. I’m a technology buff at heart and love to see progression towards better products in the auto industry but this expensive option really seems like more of a gimmick then something usable. Fact is smart phones are growing at a rate no one can keep up with, it’s now to the point when even your grandmother may show up at your house to show off her new iPhone. Almost everyone is connected to the internet at all times. So the auto manufacturer would have you believe that paying for a mobile solution a 2nd time in your car would make sense.

Fact is almost every mobile phone in the world has internet access and so many smart phones also have the ability to act as a mobile hot spot. With your phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot you can use it virtually anywhere while taking advantage of your carrier’s huge cellular network. With a car’s hotspot your limited to a much smaller carrier plus you’re limited to sitting inside your car. Realistically how will you even take advantage of in car Wi-Fi if you’re the one driving? I’m all for having internet enabled cars for the entertainment system and integrated apps but paying extra for a stand along hot spot seems a little silly if you ask me.

So if you’re out shopping for a new car and the crafty sales guy is trying to sell you on a $500 Wi-Fi option plus a $40 or more monthly fee make sure you think long and hard about that decision. You’re probably better off exploring whatever options your cell carrier has to offer.