Say Goodbye EVO Fans, Time for a new breed

mitsubishi ends production on the lancer evo

If you’ve been eye balling a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for a while, it’s time to make the purchase or forever hold your peace. Mitsubishi will be pulling the Evo from it’s line up of mid level cars not many people want to drive. The companies global product director, Gayu Eusegi claims “There is still a demand, but we must stop”. “Our influence now is EV technology” explained Eusegi.

As the world scrambles to find alternative means of power, expect more companies to put an axe to our beloved turbo breathing rocket ships. Personally I’m all for an electric car provided my electric bills don’t skyrocket. With that said though, I don’t want an electric car with a 0-60 time of 20+ seconds or a range of 140 miles.

Hopefully Mitsubishi has a good game plan to tackle the electric car game. Maybe they have something up their sleeves that will catch the attention of us car guys again. Expect to see a slight increase in STI and WRX sales to come over the next few years.

Aftermarket OnStar coming to Best Buy in Spring 2011

Aftermarket OnStar coming to best buy in 2011
OnStar goes aftermarket

GM’s OnStar Division has announced that it’ll no longer be GM Exclusive. The 16 year old company has been a huge success and is now finally ready to make it’s way into a more main stream market. Loosing their exclusivity to GM vehicles should catapult them into new markets they never dreamed of.

So far it’s known that OnStar will be sold at Best Buy in the spring as a stand alone unit. The OnStar unit will replace your rear view mirror with an OnStar equipped mirror and requires just a single power wire to be run. You’ll get most of the same features a GM vehicle would including :

  • Automatic Crash Response
  • Link to emergency services
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance
  • Turn By Turn Navigation
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Hands Free Calling.

So whats the cost to be a new OnStar customer? Your looking at $299 for the unit, about $100 for the install and a monthly service plan around $19 a month. If this is like any other mobile electronic, expect to see them flooding eBay and Amazon for a fraction of the price.

This is great news for people that drive foreign cars. Now when your buddy gets a new Tahoe and raves about his OnStar you can tell him how your Prius does the same thing while using 1/4 of the gas. Priceless.

Cheap after market parts prove to be less safe then OEM

You always hear about quality differences between cheaper parts but it never seems that big of a deal until you see something like this. This is why it’s so important to keep OEM quality parts on your car. If they used a recycled ford bumper then it would have the same safety properties as what was on the car to begin with. We’ll have to refer back to this when people ask us the difference between aftermarket and OEM parts.