Why are you parting out such a good car?

Parting out a 3000GT non turbo

This is a question we get all the time online. People are passionate about the cars they drive so when they see a similar car being parted out and crushed it breaks their heart. This is especially true with hard to find or unique cars. So why would people get rid of seemingly good cars? And why wouldn’t we take the cars and fix them?

Lets talk about why the cars we inventory are here in the first place. Over 90% of what we buy is from insurance auctions. The cars we buy have been totaled by insurance companies. That means that some one some where determined that the car wasn’t worth fixing. So if the car is worth $7500 but needs $5500 in repairs, then it’s not worth it for the insurance company to fix it.

Other then the insurance cars we get, we buy cars from the general public. In most cases these are cars that the owners just can’t spend anymore money on. There comes a time with every car that you just need to cut your loses and when that happens you can either sell it to another private owner, trade it in, or sell it to a recycling yard like us.

All is not lost though! These cars are going to good use. That hard to find 1993 Subaru SVX is getting parted out to keep other SVX’s on the road. The 3000GT of your dreams we just took apart will be used to keep others out of the crusher. Parting out these older cars helps keep others alive for the enthusiasts to enjoy. So next time you see a salvage yard parting out a rare one, just know that those parts are going to a good cause.