What is the most appealing car to you?

So as car companies fight for popularity and try to win over everyone’s heart I want to know what car company do you like the most?  Which company really grabs your eyes when you see that car going down the road. You think this may be an easy decision to make just because you love the car you drive but this isn’t always the case. I love my Nissan Murano that I have been driving for about a year now, I had a Nissan Altima coupe before that. I guess you can say I am a Nissan guy because I have owned two so far but that isn’t the case.

As of late Hyundai has been putting out a lot of nice looking cars. I had the chance  to ride in a Hyundai Sonata and all I have to say is wow! That is a nice riding, nice looking car. The interior hugs you and makes you almost feel right at home. Also It’s high tech interior look is a grab for me because I’m sort of a tech nut. The Hyundai Tucson is a nice looking car also with almost the same interior looks as the Sonata.




Chevy has been putting out some nice looking cars also, but still have there american made look. I can always tell between an american and foreign car just by the body lines and look. To me american cars just have that american look I guess you can say a bit more boxy. I’m sure some of you will agree and some of you won’t. But just an opinion. I did a blog post about the Chevy Volt and it really grabbed me. I was almost ready to go American again, but like with anything else finances brought me back to reality.

So that’s just a couple of makes and models that I prefer the looks of. Out of 100’s of makes and models out there what do you like? What body lines catch your eye? What interiors make you feel like your at home on your own couch or in a space shuttle heading to orbit?