Nissan Gave its 2014 GT-R More Responsive Engine to Improve Ride Quality

Looking to further improve upon what might be considered the world’s best performance bargain, Nissan is introducing a list of updates for its 2014 GT-R. With power being added to the 545-hp engine, Nissan is promising improved mid-range and high-rpm responsiveness with new high-output injectors. A new release valve for the turbocharger bypass as well as a new oil pan baffle for reduced rotational friction and more stable oil pressure are other upgrades that Nissan in including in this model.

For the handling, Nissan has improved the stability of the framework with new reinforcements to the dash panel bad and instrument panel bar. Suspension adjustments, which include new spring and shock settings, plus a new front sway bar and new cam bolts are upgrades to improve camber accuracy. These changes are designed to deliver more responsive handling, which results in a more comfortable drive.

For more improve reliability, engineers have improved the strength where the driveshaft meets the hub bearings.  All of these updates are the result of continued testing, from this year’s Nurburgring 24 Hour race in particular. Set to go on sale this spring in Europe as a 2013 model, these updates will arrive in the GT-R in the U.S. later for the 2014 model.

Image courtesy of Marcel Lech