New iPad Mini Installed into Car’s Center Dashboard

There were a lot of people that don’t see the point of the iPad Mini. The main problems that people have is that  it has a smaller 7.9-inch non-Retina Display and has a very expensive price tag. Maybe the iPad Mini might not be that great to use by itself, but it looks like it could be the perfect fit for automotive applications.

Not too long after the iPad Mini hit the market, an audio specialist from Florida named “Soundwaves of Tampa” went ahead to become the first company in the field to install the tablet in a car, to be more specific a 2012 Toyota Corolla sedan. The tuner created a special console on the dashboard in which users can slide the tablet right inside. The company affirms that it can install the iPad Mini in most cars.

“The cost of install usually starts at about $800 for most cars (some will be less, some will be more) this price does not include the iPad itself,” said the tuner on its YouTube page adding that it will also offer a DIY kit with a universal bezel/mount for those who know what they’re doing with their hands and…cables. Below is a video of the tuner explaining in more detail what you can do with your iPad Mini once it is installed.