Can you think of a reason to buy a Mitsubishi?

While heading out to dinner with my girlfriend last weekend we got behind a Mitsubishi SUV, I asked her “wow, does anyone buy those cars anymore?” she said back to me “I barely see any of them on the road.” So I said to myself wow does anyone care for these cars anyways? She was right I rarely see them on the road anymore. A few years ago I remember seeing a lot of Eclipse’s on the road but even they are phasing out. Thinking about this lead me to this question…

Is there a reason to buy a Mitsubishi anyways? I know a lot of hardcore fans will always say yes, buy a Lancer Evo! But I bet a lot of people don’t even go to a Mitsubishi dealership to look at their cars. I would have to guess a lot of people just go to the Toyota, Hyundai, or Nissan dealership to look for cars and just skip by the Mitsubishi dealership. So i want to ask our community, Can you think of a reason to buy a Mitsubishi? Please leave a comment in our comment section on your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Can you think of a reason to buy a Mitsubishi?

  1. I see less and less of them. Can’t actually think of a good reason to do so. I mean, when I bought my last car, Mitsubishi didn’t even crossed my mind.

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