5 Car AC Problem Warning Signs

There’s nothing worse than getting in the car for a long trip on a hot summer day only to realize that your AC isn’t working. Nobody likes to sit in a hot, sweaty, and sticky car. Once the temperature hits eighty degrees, even rolling down the windows doesn’t help much. Let’s face it, we’ve come to rely on our car air conditioners. Luckily, some AC problems can be prevented as long as you know what the warning signs of a potential problem are.

System Leaks
Periodically, check the AC system to make sure that there aren’t any leaks. In some cases, the leak may be so small that it will take months for the system to stop working properly. Check refrigerant levels, since the refrigerant is ultimately what keeps things cool.

Dirty AC Condenser
If the AC Condenser is dirty on the outside or clogged on the inside it’ll have a hard time keeping the refrigerant cool on a hot day.

Water in the Car
A car air conditioning system that is working properly will drain the water outside of the car after it’s been parked. If you notice any water inside of your vehicle this could mean that the drain is clogged, which needs to be fixed to avoid more serious damage.

Strange Noises
When you turn on your air conditioner, all you should hear is the fan. If you hear any funny rattling or vibrating noises that could mean that something is obstructing the blower fan which can cause the AC to not work properly.

Strange Smells
If you notice a strange, mildew-like odor in your car it could mean that mold is growing inside of the air conditioning system. It obviously isn’t healthy to breathe in that kind of air and it can cause further damage to the AC system. To eliminate the issue, hire a car service repair shop to do a thorough AC cleaning.

If you’re handy, some AC problems can be fixed on your own using a re-charging kit that can be found at auto stores and department stores. However, the best bet is to have a licensed car AC technician fix any car AC problems to avoid accidents and injury.

3 thoughts on “5 Car AC Problem Warning Signs

  1. I have noticed a peculiar problem on long drives. Last time i drove for about 4 hours. after the first hour or so, the a/c effect gradually decreased. i have no problem in city drives. i usually switch it on/off every now and then since it gets too cold inside. i travel in mornings and evenings. on the drive, after i noticed the problem, i checked the a/c blower area with my hand and felt the air flow to be very low, even though i can feel it to be cold. also there is difference in noise from the blower with the gradual reduction in a/c effect. i switched it off and after a few minutes turned it on. it was working perfect. again after some time the same problem. on hot sunny days, i can’t afford to switch it off for 1 minute even. i don’t know what the problem is. is ice being formed in the evaporator area and blocking the air to flow though the coil fins or something like that? why does it work when i switch on/off frequently? is the ice getting melted and clear way for the air?

  2. It’s hard to say without looking at it and seeing what’s going on in there. It could be just a relay or something a little more like a temp control or the ice that your mentioning.

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