Is Toyota Starting to Compete with Ferrari?

toyota griffon conceptNearing the Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) is teasing a car which is claimed to lap the Tsukuba circuit in 1 minute and 1.872 seconds called the GT86 Griffon Concept, which just so happened to beat the time set by a Ferrari 458 Italia. Although official details regarding all of the modifications won’t be released until January 11th, the TRD dropped some hints as to what has been done to the GT86 Griffon Concept, as well as releasing the blurry photo seen on the left.

Used to aid the Griffon Concept on the track include the following alterations: lowered and tweaked suspension, upgraded exhaust, lightweight materials, and a stiffened body. Even though no engine modification details have been released, TRD says that it has been testing some parts more related to the FA-20 engine. For Toyota‘s Griffon Concept to produce track times like that, it seems like that more than just body and suspension modifications were used on this car, though we won’t know for sure until the official unveiling next week.

Dress Up Your Car This Halloween

Turn your car into the life of the party… Halloween party that is. People drive their cars everyday so why not decorate it for the season. There are many different things you can do to your car to get you in the holiday spirit.

Here are some tips you can use to decorate your car that you can drive around with:

1. Skeleton in the passenger seat. Get a fake skeleton from any Halloween store and strap it into the passenger seat of your car. You will get some funny reactions from others drivers.

2. Decorations in the rear view mirror. Even though the only people who can see it would be anyone riding in the car, it could be a create conversation topic for you and your friends.

3. Halloween themed decals and magnets. This is a nice way to decorate you car without it going overboard or making it dangerous to drive. Others will enjoy looking at your car and give them ideas as to what they can do next year.

4. Display on the ledge of the rear window. Using different decorations such as fake spider webs, spiders, bugs eyeballs, severed fingers, or masks, set up a display on the ledge above the backseats. Make sure you tape them down so they will be able to stay in place and that you can take them out afterwards.

5. Autumn scented candles and potpourri.  Buy some potpourri and candles to make the inside of your car smell like the season. Everyone can see decorations or costumes, but stimulating your vision and sense of smell at the same time will heighten your emotions and get you even more excited about Halloween.

If your going to a  Halloween party or just waiting for trick or treaters this year there are a lot of different things you can do to set up your car as a display. It all depends on how dedicated you are and how creative you can be. The pictures on this page are different ways that people have decorated their car for Halloween.

Bentley Lives Up to Their Name With Cars And Hotel Suites

The Bentley Suite joins the Dior and Tiffany Suites as a part of the exclusive collection of Designer Suites at the St. Regis Hotel.  This luxurious suite that is priced at $10,000 a night includes an entryway foyer, one bedroom, one and a half bathrooms, a dining room, and a living room. The Bentley suite surrounded by windows lengthened form floor-to-ceiling is located on the 15th floor.

The decor of the suite is the very definition of Bentley Motors starting with the blend of cream and neutral tones ending with the black leather tile floor. Like you would find in a Continental GT, diamond-quilted Bentley leather covers on of the walls while the infamous ‘Flying B’ from the Mulsanne can be seen on the accent table, which was inspired by a Bentley dashboard.

The clocks in the suite are designed by Breitling, Bentley’s long-term timepiece partner. Along with introducing the Bentley suite to its hotel, St. Regis has commissioned a custom 2013 Bentley Mulsanne, which has been added to the house fleet.

“The St. Regis New York had a long storied history of partnering with brands who offer our guests unparalleled access and experiences. Bentley had long stood alone as the world’s premier maker of hand-crafterd automobiles. Their impeccable attention to detail and dedication to artisanship makes them the ideal collaborator for this beloved hotel,” said Paul Nash, general manager of the St. Regis.