Recall Alert: Mini recalls 35,000 cars

July 30th, 2015 by Ed Pol


Mini is recalling about 35,000 cars in the U.S. and Canada do to safety regulations not met for side impacts for rear passengers. The recall includes Cooper, Cooper S Hardtop two-door cars from 2014 and 2015. It also includes the 2015 John Cooper works Hardtop Two-door. Basically rear passengers are at a higher risk of injury from side impacts, when you bring your car in to the dealer they will install more energy absorption material between the rear interior side panels and body starting September 12th.

The documents were filed with the U.S. safety regulations that is knows of no accidents or injuries from this problem. The recall will include 30,456 U.S. cars and 4,130 Canadian cars.

This is not one of the biggest recalls in car maker history but this could potentially be dangerous. If you own one of these cars please contact your local dealer to get your car scheduled for repair. The last thing we want to see is anyone get hurt do to lack in safety.

Lexus Drops a hover board on us out of nowhere!

June 24th, 2015 by Dan Tole

Lexus just announced that it is currently in the final stages of testing its hover board. This is a real life hover board. This isn’t a joke, we haven’t gone back in time and the DeLorean is still safe and sound in Docs garage. With that out of the way, prepare yourself for a real life LEXUS hover board teaser. This is similar to the Hendo hover board that Tony Hawk rode last year. Both boards use magnetic levitation to create frictionless movement. The Hendo demonstration relied on the surface being metal in order to create levitation. This Lexus teaser shows the board in what appears to be a concrete skate park which leaves us wondering what (if anything) they have up their sleeve. If you are ready to jump all in and shell out whatever it takes for this then you may be disappointed. This is a technology showcase for the company and not a product they intend to sell any time soon. If anything it shows that the idea of a hover board isn’t dead after all these years. Maybe that’s good enough for now…


Compliment your car with a shiny new Smartwatch

June 23rd, 2015 by Dan Tole


Remember when a watch was just a watch? It was a simpler time of elegant time pieces with the sole purpose of telling local and world time. Today the modern watch is evolving into a marvel of technological advancement. I remember having a Casio calculator watch when I was a kid that made me feel like Batman when I wore it. All that thing did was crunch numbers where today’s watches can monitor health, show phone calls, text, go online and now even connect to your car.

The connected car is trending throughout the auto industry and what better way to connect to a car than the tech around your wrist? We’ve hit the point where hands free calling, voice recognition and iPod integration are all standard fair inside your vehicle. Now manufacturers are looking to the Smartwatch to enhance their vehicles.

Here are four Smartwatch integration’s we can really get behind Read the rest of this entry »

Loan amounts and payments hit all time high!

March 5th, 2015 by Ed Pol


We all know prices of new cars are not going down so obviously loan amounts are going up, but the thing that hurts is how much. Most of us need a car to get back and forth to work. I’m not saying that we need a new car but sometimes there is no other option and some deals are to hard to pass up.

The average amount financed for a new vehicle is $28,381 and that was a record setter for the fourth quarter of 2014. This was an increase of $950 from the year earlier quarter and a rise of $582. The rise in transaction prices parallels that in amount financed. In December light vehicle transaction prices rose nearly 3 percent year-over-year to $34,367, making December the highest month on record for average transaction prices.

Experian’s data showed that the average new vehicle payment also hit a record in the fourth quarter, reaching $482, up from $471 in the year-earlier period. The average used-vehicle loan rose to $18,411 in the fourth quarter but this was not a record setter.

With these loans and payments hitting all time highs I have to wonder how most average people can afford a new car. Most baseline smaller cars are in the $20,000 range but once you start getting to your four wheel drive crossover/SUV territory prices start to sky rocket. Up here in New England it is almost needed to have an all wheel or 4 wheel drive car, especially this winter.

Nissan 370Z Sets Twin Drift World Record

December 18th, 2014 by Ed Pol


Nissan has announced that its Nissan Middle East branch has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest nonstop twin vehicle drift. Prior to the attempt the record committee set the minimum distance required with was 15.5 miles. The record was easily beaten by two drivers that drifted modified Nissan Z coupes around a wet track for a nonstop run at 17.7 miles.

This was a great record to set at the beginning of Nissans 370Z Drift Experience event as the program was launched by Nissan Middle East and the Prodrift Academy in an effort to teach anyone how to drift masterfully. Dubai was a great place to do this because the drifting in the area is very popular with some events bringing in at least 15,000 attendees.

This year the 370Z is getting a much needed price drop which will not start at $30,800, the Nismo Coupe with run $42,800 which is a good price for an entry level sports coupe.

You can watch the video below of the pair of 370Zs making its way into the Guinness World Records.

Iconic Movie Cars – Goldfinger – 1964 Aston Martin DB5

August 15th, 2014 by Ed Pol

Goldfinger (1964) Quad

Shaken, not stirred is a very famous quote from the driver of this weeks iconic movie car! In the movie Goldfinger from 1964 James Bond drove an Aston Martin DB5 which became an iconic movie car throughout the years of James Bond and his popularity among young and old viewers. In the book James Bond drove a DB Mark III but the Aston Martin DB5 was the company’s latest model when filming began.


The car used in the film is a prototype to the DB5 and another car was used to film all of the stunts. During the 1964 New York World’s Fair it was dubbed “the most famous car in the world” and during this time with the movie release and with advertising it helped boost car sales. The first DB5 prototype used in the movie was stripped of its weaponry and gadgetry by Aston Martin and then resold. It was then retrofitted by subsequent owners with non-original weaponry. That DB5 was stolen in 1997 from its last owner in Florida and is currently still missing.


Famous for its array of gadgets, the film’s script initially has the car armed only with a smoke screen. However, the gadgets rapidly increase with ideas from the crew members. The cars gadgets included, machine guns, Tire-Shredding blade, Bullet screen, Radar Scanner and tracking screen, Passenger ejector seat, Oil slick, Smoke screen, Bullet-proof windscreen, Revolving number plates, Rear water cannons, Alpine 7817R which was Bonds communications device. Promotional and unused gadgets were: Caltrop dispenser, Radio telephone, Front and rear extending rams, and a concealed Compartment under the driver’s seat. For the time, the car was awesome and Bond had no problems kicking butt with it!


The DB5 was prodAston-Martin-DB5-Goldfinger-Thunderball-GoldenEye-Tomorrow-Never-Dies-and-Casino-Royale1uced 1963-1965 and a total of 1,023 were made. It came with a few different body styles of which were a 2-door 2+2 coupe, 2-door Convertible, and a 2-door shooting brake. The car was equipped with a  3,995 cc Tadek Marek inline 6 Motor.  A 4 speed manual with optional Overdrive was one of the three transmissions included with the car, the other two were a ZF 5-Speed all-synchro manual and a Borg Warner DG/Model 8 automatic. The 0-60 mph acceleration was clocked at a sluggish 8s and the Top speed of the car was 143 MPH. The car produced 282 bhp at 5,500 rpm. The DB5 Vantage was introduced in 1964 featuring a three Weber twin-choke 45DCOE side-draft carburetors and revised camshaft profiles delivering greater top end performance. This engine type produced 315 hp and only 65 of these were built.

There is no denying that this is a pretty car and pretty damn iconic being behind the man known as James Bond. I doubt there is a single person alive that if you mention the name James Bond that they wouldn’t know who you were speaking of. I am sadly not a huge James Bond fan but I have always loved the cars that they display in their movies.